Inner Sunset Flea Market with Free Ice Cream

Here’s another of Barbara’s Amazing Events in the Inner Sunset…

Inner Sunset Gazillion-Family Flea Market with Free Ice Cream!
Saturday, July 14, 10a – 5p, Rain or Shine!
NW Corner of Sixth & Irving, Backyard & Sidewalk

Whether you have a little or a lot, feel free to join us. We have plenty of supplies for setting up a lot of tables and level areas to show your wares.

To participate,call or email: Barbara 415/

Inner Sunset Summer Solstice Party, June 23rd night, 2012

Barbara Oleksiw is organizing the annual Solstice Party, and asked me to run this notice. We’re all invited!

Annual FREE Inner Sunset Summer Solstice Party
Saturday, June 23rd, 8 to 11p, Sixth & Irving

Come enjoy complimentary Live Music, a BBQ dinner & warm Drinks, on the Longest Day of 2012!  We’ll have *plenty* of outdoor heaters, if necessary.  All welcome!

Bring a dessert to share, if you wish.
To volunteer: Barbara  415/

Donate old books to the Book Blast! (San Francisco, Inner Sunset)

I got this note from Barbara Oleksiw, who organizes wonderful events in her home at 6th and Irving, just down the hill from Forest Knolls. She’s organizing another “book blast” – she collects and organizes donated books, and then has an event where anyone can pick up free books. (She previously had one in 2010.)

Right now, she’s collecting books from anyone who has books to spare.

We are now collecting for the SECOND Inner Sunset FREE Book Blast to be held Saturday, June 2nd, 10a – 4p at the NW corner of Sixth & Irving.

Have you any hardbacks, paperbacks, travel, fiction, history, psychology, children’s literature or cookbooks, that you’d like to give away? Feel free to drop them off—in boxes or bags, please! — at the entrance of 1297 6th Avenue, or call us for a FREE pick-up.

We will accept all types of books…EXCEPT encyclopedias, text books and magazines, unfortunately. We *will* accept CDs, DVDs, and maps.

Then, mark Saturday, June Second, for the day to refill your shelves!

Barbara Oleksiw 415/

Inner Sunset FREE Fix-It Fair…Saturday, April 21, 2012

It’s back! The FREE Fix-it fair…

When:  Saturday, April 21, 10am-4pm,  Inner Sunset

Where:  Backyard/Basement at northwest corner of Sixth & Irving

Rain or shine, more than a dozen generous craftsmen will work to bring perfection back to your life, by gluing, clamping, sewing, soldering, re-wiring, hammering, sawing, cutting, cleaning, adjusting … whatever you bring us.

We’ll attempt to fix anything except electronics & relationships.

Last item in at 3pm.

Twice your money back if you’re not satisfied. (It’s Free!)

Questions, or to volunteer: Barbara: (415) 246 4748

The Really, Really Free Market at 6th & Irving – Sat 24 Sept 2011

Just down the hill from Forest Knolls, Barbara organizes wonderful Inner Sunset community events that we’re delighted to signal-boost here. There’s been a Book Blast and a Fixit Fair

The next one, coming Saturday Sept 24, 2011 is the Really Really Free Market. As she says below:

Bring what you want; take what you need.

Only, to make it easier on all the volunteers — and Barbara — it would help if the “bringing” happened before the event, not at it. They’re collecting stuff right now:  Anything that’s clean and usable, (but not books or clothes or TVs or computers)… Just drop them off at her beautiful house on 6th and Irving.

Here’s her message (emphasis added):

We are now collecting for the 3rd Annual Inner Sunset Really, Really Free Market for SATURDAY, September 24th at the corner house on 6th & Irving, where everything is free. No money, no barter, no exchanges, no gimmicks….simply free. The event’s philosophy is “Bring what you want; take what you need.”

Have you any sports equipment, kids’ toys, cooking stuff, unused wedding presents, basement clutter, attic treasures, storeroom savories, small furniture, tool duplicates, dishes, school supplies? … *ANY*thing you no longer need or want?  Is it clean & in working condition?

In the past two years/events, we have had virtually every donation whisked away on the day of the event,  so *everything* that’s clean, usable & in working condition is acceptable. Even homemade food and on-location personal services.

(Unfortunately, we  *canNOT* accept TVs, computers, clothing or books; Please save the clothing & books for another event, later in the season.)

We *really, really* (ahem!) prefer to get items *BEFORE*  the day of the event.

If you absolutely can’t bring it to us, we will try to pick it up.
Please call Barbara to volunteer or for more information:

415/ or email

Meeting Report – Inner Sunset Park Neighbors – Summer 2011

I attended a meeting of the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors today. This group represents some 300 households in the Inner Sunset; the meeting was chaired by Andrea Jadwin.  Since this is just below our neighborhood, I’m reporting some updates:


The parklet outside Arizmendi Bakery (on 9th Avenue) is probably going ahead. This will be a small area with chairs and tables for anyone to sit.

Opponents have chiefly been concerned about putting people so close to traffic; supporters love the idea of a place to enjoy the neighborhood (and perhaps a delicious snack from Arizmendi!)


This year’s Inner Sunset Street Fair is scheduled for October 16th. This would be the second annual Inner Sunset street fair. They’re looking for donations and volunteers. Their website is here, with information about getting booths, volunteering and donating.


The Hidden Garden Steps project is also seeking donations and volunteers. Neighbors want to refurbish an existing staircase with a colorful ceramic tile mosaic — something like the brilliant tiled steps below Turtle Hill. The delightful design starts with a worm and mushroom at the bottom, and rises into a blue sky with flowers and a dragonfly.


San Francisco Bicycle Coalition‘s Neal Patel made a presentation about their current initiatives. Apparently, 7 out of 10 San Franciscans use bicycles at least occasionally. The Coalition’s focus is on getting people to use bikes more, both for recreation and transport. They’ve added 34 miles of bike trails in 2009, but now want to have bike lanes connecting the city, safe for people from 8 to 80 to use. New bike lanes get people out on their bicycles.  Their vision is of a safe biking trail, ideally with a physical barrier between the bike lane and car traffic, from the beach to the Bay.

The Coalition also offers urban cycling workshops covering rules and safety for kids, adults, and older adults who haven’t been on a bike in years… Questions focused on safety (including cyclists’ respect for pedestrians), specific bike routes, and bike-share systems.

I wanted the Coalition to use its outreach capability (it has 12,000 members) to warn people to wear reflective clothing in the fog. I can’t say how many times I’ve seen cyclists riding almost invisibly on Twin Peaks and areas surrounding our neighborhoods.


WalkSF’s Elizabeth Stampe talked about her organization, which focuses on making SF safer and more fun to walk. Since we’re all pedestrians to some degree, this is important for everyone. She pointed out the 800 people were hit by cars each year in SF — and thought this was possibly an understated number.

She mentioned measures to improve safety:

  • School zone speeds will be reduced to 15 mph for most schools in the city, which will make it safer for kids to walk to school;
  • They’re looking for better law enforcement (people don’t stop at Stop signs, for instance, or yield to pedestrians as they legally should do);
  • Looking for ways to redesign streets to slow traffic down and curb speeding.

One person described his efforts to get action on the dangerous intersection at 8th and Lawton, the site of several accidents. He wanted a Stop sign put in there. The SFMTA refused because (a) it’s a bus route, and this would slow the bus; (b) it increases carbon dioxide emissions; (c) enforcement of Stop signs is a problem, they’re widely ignored so why bother to add more?

The subsequent discussion focused on other ways to make a street less speedy; Stampe pointed out that the most dangerous roads are wide, straight and one-way because they encourage speed. Someone suggested more of the pedestrian-activated yellow flashing lights at crossings. The yellow signs in the road median saying State Law required stopping for pedestrians also helps.

Besides advocating for safety, WalkSF has volunteer-led walks all over the city. The next one is 12 miles, “Peak2Peak.” Also, they will host a Mayoral Candidates’ Forum on September 12th. (Details on their website.)


Craig Dawson spoke about UCSF’s Community Action Group (CAG), of which he is a founder member. They provide input to UCSF about issues concerning the community.  UCSF initiated this group in 1991, when Laurel Heights neighbors were in legal battle with UCSF. They approached, Dawson said, their critics to be in the Group. He and Dennis Antenore have been on it since then. It includes four ISPN members: Craig Dawson; Dennis Antenore; Susan Maerki; and Kevin Hart.

The CAG is expecting to increase its activity as UCSF is currently working on its new Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) expected to be adopted in Feb 2014. Dawson urged neighbors to get more involved as the new LRDP would bring many changes affecting the neighborhood.

One issue is UC Hall, one of the oldest UCSF buildings. It was slated for demolition so UCSF could get within their “space ceiling” — a total amount of space the University can use within the Parnassus campus. (The ceiling was adopted when neighbors became concerned at the University’s rampant growth, but UCSF has exceeded it for many years.) However, it’s a historic Beaux Arts building, and some oppose its destruction. UCSF is now considering other uses for it; one possibility is housing, which would not count toward the space ceiling. The cost of a seismic retrofit may be an issue. Look out for public hearings.

Neighbors wanted to know how to get involved. UCSF’s Damon Lew (who was present) has joined ISPN, and will be posting information. Also, UCSF offered to host an ISPN meeting to discuss UCSF-related issues.


Speaking as Executive Director of Sutro Stewards, Craig Dawson very briefly described activities on the “underutilized” 61 acres of Mount Sutro owned by UCSF: planting the Native Garden, building trails, and preserving native plants under the eucalyptus. There was no mention of UCSF’s proposed plans to cut down thousands of trees.

Inner Sunset Fix-It Fair, 7 May 2011

Each year From time to time, the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors hold a “Fix-It” fair, offering free repairs. They have professionals volunteering to fix any small thing you bring along.

[ETA: A clarification from Barbara — actually, two:

” Thanks for your fast action; I certainly appreciate it…and the charming clip-art.

“I would like to point out that it’s not necessarily ‘any small thing,’ as many have brought us large furniture, chairs, benches, tall lamps, etc. to fix; it’s quite remarkable. Additionally, we’ve now done this four times in a year…. it seems to be happening quarterly, for which I’m very grateful to our volunteers. Last January, we repaired around 160 items. Not bad, eh?”]

Here’s the notice:

Inner Sunset Free Fix-It Fair
Saturday, May 7th , 2011
10a.m. – 4p.m.,
Irving at 6th Ave.
Last items in at 3pm.
We’ll try to fix anything—except electronics & relationships—for FREE.
Yes, for free. No hidden charges, no fees, no gobbledegook.
Bring your wobbly, loose, broken, frayed, splintered, torn, ripped, cracked, or severed item. We will glue, solder, clamp, re-wire, sew, chop, sharpen, file, cut, adjust, weld, screw, etc. If we can’t fix it, we’ll give you twice your money back!
This is simply our community’s effort to keep stuff out of landfill, so a host of talented volunteers will be armed to repair!
For questions or to volunteer, call Barbara: 415/

Street Fair, Irving at 10th

This website is a good place to let people know about nearby events and activities that might interest people in Forest Knolls. In that spirit, we bring you another Street Fair announcement. This one’s at Irving and 10th. It’s put on by the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors.

Here’s what the notice says:

“Enjoy the music, art, crafts, dance, and food of our neighbors.  The California Academy of Science, Circus Center, Sunset Academy of Music, San Francisco Massage Collective, Sutro Stewards, UCSF and many more neighborhood groups will be sharing their skills and talents.

“In conjunction with the San Francisco’s Small Business Week, local merchants will be holding sidewalk sales throughout the neighborhood along with 40 booths displaying local artists and services.  Of course the Inner Sunset has over 75 food and beverage establishments to choose a meal from, just a few steps away from the fair.

“Borrowing from Ciclovia of Bogota Colunbia, the fair will start with yoga and tai chi lessons at 10 and 11am. Then at noon the Pearse Connolly Fife Drum Band will kick off an afternoon of live music on the Irving Street stage featuring folk to jazz to blues.  At 6pm, “Lindy in the Park” will teach everyone a few new steps and from 6:30 to 8:30 the Sunset’s own Dianne Nola and the 7 against 8 Swing Band will fill the street with song and dance.”

The co-chairs are Adam Greenfield (415-786-2143) and Chris Duderstadt (415-517-2754)

If you want more details including a detailed program and a list of entertainment; or you want to sign-up, volunteer, or sponsor something – they have a website. (Or click on the picture above.)

Book lovers! April 10th

I was sent this notice about a BOOK BLAST planned for Saturday, April 10th. It’s right down the hill from us, in the yard of a lovely house at 6th and Irving.

Barbara and her husband have been collecting book donations for the last few weeks. (They still are, until March end. You can drop off books in good condition at 1297 6th Avenue, inside their sheltered doorway by the red door – that would be behind the big tree and car in the picture below. They’re no longer offering pick-ups, though, they’re too busy sorting books!)

On April 10th, they’re having a Book Blast in their yard – like a block party from Noon to 5pm, featuring FREE books, sunshine & music. [We’re hoping the sunshine thing works! But there’ll be books!]

Here’s the note she sent us:

“Please bring plenty of *strong* paper/plastic bags or boxes for your newly found treasures. All items at this first-ever Inner Sunset FREE event will be FREE to all. You are welcome to take away any books, magazines, or books-on-tape that you find.

“To answer everyone’s question, this is NOT a charity event. This is NOT a swap. There are NOT funds to be raised by this. NO money will be exchanged…It is our neighborhood’s effort to recycle books. It is simply books FROM those who donate, TO those who wish to take them. It is a *completely* free event, supported by volunteers with our particular Inner Sunset community spirit.

“We are offering kids’ books, encyclopedias, magazines, travel books, paperbacks, cookbooks, books-on-tape, coffee-table books, puzzle books, dictionaries, foreign-language and maps.

“Leftover books will be donated to the SF Public Library for their annual fundraiser.”