Inner Sunset Fix-It Fair, 7 May 2011

Each year From time to time, the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors hold a “Fix-It” fair, offering free repairs. They have professionals volunteering to fix any small thing you bring along.

[ETA: A clarification from Barbara — actually, two:

” Thanks for your fast action; I certainly appreciate it…and the charming clip-art.

“I would like to point out that it’s not necessarily ‘any small thing,’ as many have brought us large furniture, chairs, benches, tall lamps, etc. to fix; it’s quite remarkable. Additionally, we’ve now done this four times in a year…. it seems to be happening quarterly, for which I’m very grateful to our volunteers. Last January, we repaired around 160 items. Not bad, eh?”]

Here’s the notice:

Inner Sunset Free Fix-It Fair
Saturday, May 7th , 2011
10a.m. – 4p.m.,
Irving at 6th Ave.
Last items in at 3pm.
We’ll try to fix anything—except electronics & relationships—for FREE.
Yes, for free. No hidden charges, no fees, no gobbledegook.
Bring your wobbly, loose, broken, frayed, splintered, torn, ripped, cracked, or severed item. We will glue, solder, clamp, re-wire, sew, chop, sharpen, file, cut, adjust, weld, screw, etc. If we can’t fix it, we’ll give you twice your money back!
This is simply our community’s effort to keep stuff out of landfill, so a host of talented volunteers will be armed to repair!
For questions or to volunteer, call Barbara: 415/

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