The Really, Really Free Market at 6th & Irving – Sat 24 Sept 2011

Just down the hill from Forest Knolls, Barbara organizes wonderful Inner Sunset community events that we’re delighted to signal-boost here. There’s been a Book Blast and a Fixit Fair

The next one, coming Saturday Sept 24, 2011 is the Really Really Free Market. As she says below:

Bring what you want; take what you need.

Only, to make it easier on all the volunteers — and Barbara — it would help if the “bringing” happened before the event, not at it. They’re collecting stuff right now:  Anything that’s clean and usable, (but not books or clothes or TVs or computers)… Just drop them off at her beautiful house on 6th and Irving.

Here’s her message (emphasis added):

We are now collecting for the 3rd Annual Inner Sunset Really, Really Free Market for SATURDAY, September 24th at the corner house on 6th & Irving, where everything is free. No money, no barter, no exchanges, no gimmicks….simply free. The event’s philosophy is “Bring what you want; take what you need.”

Have you any sports equipment, kids’ toys, cooking stuff, unused wedding presents, basement clutter, attic treasures, storeroom savories, small furniture, tool duplicates, dishes, school supplies? … *ANY*thing you no longer need or want?  Is it clean & in working condition?

In the past two years/events, we have had virtually every donation whisked away on the day of the event,  so *everything* that’s clean, usable & in working condition is acceptable. Even homemade food and on-location personal services.

(Unfortunately, we  *canNOT* accept TVs, computers, clothing or books; Please save the clothing & books for another event, later in the season.)

We *really, really* (ahem!) prefer to get items *BEFORE*  the day of the event.

If you absolutely can’t bring it to us, we will try to pick it up.
Please call Barbara to volunteer or for more information:

415/ or email

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