If you want your pet’s photograph on here, please e-mail it to me at fk94131 at and it’ll go up in a couple of days. Don’t worry about file size and so on; the picture will be cropped and resized to fit in this collage. Please include the name if you want it to be shown with the picture.

If you would like your pet’s name to be added to the picture (or correct a spelling), please leave a comment or email me at fk94131 at with the name and which picture you want it attached to.


Lizette’s dog – 2021



14 thoughts on “Pets”

  1. Hello you all.
    We are a family right at 1 Warren dr and Oak park
    Our dog “Double Trouble” ran away today.
    Small brown dog with long hair — most of you all know him
    Because he likes to bark to your dog when you are walking in
    the street.

    We will appreciate your cooperation to find him

    Thank you

    [Edited to Add: The dog was found and taken to the shelter. He’ll be back with his family tomorrow.]

  2. My dog double trouble has been lost again we checked SPCA they don’t have him I live In 1 warren dr if you see him please call me at 4156402992 or email me at

    [Webmaster: I read the dog has been found and returned. I’m so glad!]

  3. Our dog, Nina, was last seen at 1am on New Years Eve in Forest Knolls on the hillside above Crestmont Drive. (We live at 343 Crestmont)

    She was spooked by the fireworks and ran off. Please help her come home.

    She has a blue collar with a Marin County dog license and an oversized leather teardrop tag.

    Nina is a 7 year old small/medium sized black dog with brown stockings and salt & pepper toes on her hind legs. She has two brown spots above her eyes and a white spot on her chest. There is some graying around her snout. We’re working on getting her photo posted here as well.

    Call Nick at 415.847.4016

    1. We are happy to report Nina has been found, and is safe at home. Thank you to everyone for your support!

      Hanna and Nick

  4. Hi I will do my best to find Nina and if I find her I will deliver her
    To your house I know how it feel I lost my dog it feels terrifying but when I loose him I know that my neighborhood will help me find him I will contact you if I get her hope you can find her.

    1. Enrique-

      Thank you for your help and concern. It was been a rough three days, but we are happy to report that Nina was found at the SF Zoo. We just got a call about an hour ago and picked her up. She is safe at home 🙂

      Hanna and Nick

  5. My dog jumped out of a car when I was not there and left either at store, tow company, or around sir Francis drake she is 6 lbs and I am scared to death. she has a sweater on that says thundershirt.. She is brindle in collar half chiauaaua. Please call me at 4155050113 I dont have much money but a reward is certain. She is my heart.

    [ETA: This may not be the best forum to post this. Suggest Nextdoor and Craigslist. But anyway, we’re posting this comment and wishing you luck in recovering the little dog.]

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