The Microclimate

Forest Knolls lies inside the fog belt, and we love our soft gray weather. It’s English, rather than Mediterranean. Apple and cherry do well in our gardens; lemons and oranges don’t get enough sunshine most years. (That said, this is a neighborhood of sub-microclimates, and some areas are warmer and less windy than others. Some people do successfully grow lemons.)

The typical weather pattern is rain in the winter, a reasonably bright spring with many sunny days interrupted by foggy ones, and then summer fog. Though the area has a few really hot days, with temperatures in the 80s, this inevitably results in the Marine Layer coming in and cooling it down. Temperatures can drop 20 degrees in an hour when the fog rolls in. Summers in Forest Knolls are not hot; they can actually be chilly. (Warn your house-guests coming in from other places!)

October is typically less foggy; in 2009, almost half the days were sunny.  There was even week that was all sunny, seven consecutive days from September end through the beginning of October. It’s also the most unpredictable month; on any day, you can get sunshine, fog, or rain.

The fog is geographically limited. Some days it is possible to drive down toward the city, and find it in bright sunshine while the hills hold back the fog.

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