Book lovers! April 10th

I was sent this notice about a BOOK BLAST planned for Saturday, April 10th. It’s right down the hill from us, in the yard of a lovely house at 6th and Irving.

Barbara and her husband have been collecting book donations for the last few weeks. (They still are, until March end. You can drop off books in good condition at 1297 6th Avenue, inside their sheltered doorway by the red door – that would be behind the big tree and car in the picture below. They’re no longer offering pick-ups, though, they’re too busy sorting books!)

On April 10th, they’re having a Book Blast in their yard – like a block party from Noon to 5pm, featuring FREE books, sunshine & music. [We’re hoping the sunshine thing works! But there’ll be books!]

Here’s the note she sent us:

“Please bring plenty of *strong* paper/plastic bags or boxes for your newly found treasures. All items at this first-ever Inner Sunset FREE event will be FREE to all. You are welcome to take away any books, magazines, or books-on-tape that you find.

“To answer everyone’s question, this is NOT a charity event. This is NOT a swap. There are NOT funds to be raised by this. NO money will be exchanged…It is our neighborhood’s effort to recycle books. It is simply books FROM those who donate, TO those who wish to take them. It is a *completely* free event, supported by volunteers with our particular Inner Sunset community spirit.

“We are offering kids’ books, encyclopedias, magazines, travel books, paperbacks, cookbooks, books-on-tape, coffee-table books, puzzle books, dictionaries, foreign-language and maps.

“Leftover books will be donated to the SF Public Library for their annual fundraiser.”

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