Halloween 2018

It’s that time of the year again, with the orange flyers in your mailbox, telling you about the Halloween loop. The Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization does this each year.

Here’s the flyer as a PDF (the image is below): Halloween 2018 

If you’re on the loop and want to trick-or-treaters coming by, you’ll need to be home on Wednesday Oct 31 between 5.30 and 8 p.m. (with candy!).  Email the organizers by Sunday Oct 21 at forestknolls@comcast.net or call them at 415-621-0500. They’ll give you a pumpkin and a sign to indicate you’re participating.

If you want to take your kids trick-or-treating, bring them to the loop between 5.30 and 8 pm. on Oct 31 – and look out for the pumpkins of participation!

Forest Knolls – 2017 Halloween Loop

It’s that time of the year again, with the orange flyers in your mailbox, telling you about the Halloween loop. The Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization does this each year.

If you’re on the loop and want to trick-or-treaters coming by, you’ll need to be home on Tuesday Oct 31 between 5.30 and 8 p.m. (with candy!).  Email the organizers by Sunday Oct 22  at

forestknolls@comcast.net or call them at 415-621-0500.

They’ll give you a pumpkin and a sign to indicate you’re participating.

If you want to take your kids trick-or-treating, bring them to the loop between 5.30 and 8 pm. on Oct 31 – and look out for the pumpkins of participation!

Here’s a larger map of the route:

Halloween Loop in Forest Knolls – 2016

pumpkin clipart public domainIt’s that time of the year again! You may have seen the orange flyer in your mailbox or on the fence at the entrance to Forest Knolls: “Forest Knolls Trick or Treat Monday October 31”

Each year, the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization (FKNO) encourages neighbors on Oak Park and Warren Drive (and a small stretch of Christopher) to join the “Loop” – a Halloween-friendly route that kids can trick-or-treat on.

This year, it’s been expanded to Forest Knolls Drive and Woodhaven Court. It runs between 5.30 and 8 p.m. People who want to greet kids with candy can get a pumpkin and a pumpkin sign to let them know they’re in. FKNO will provide both pumpkin and sign – email Walter Caplan at whcaplan@comcast.net

halloween-2016-1Here’s the map. If anyone wants to send me pictures afterward (and maybe a few lines about the event?) I’d be happy to publish them.


A Successful Forest Knolls Halloween in 2015

halloween-scary-house public domainRecently, we posted about the Halloween Loop, homes in Forest Knolls that would have candy for trick-or-treaters. For the 4th year in a row, it’s been great. It’s not the huge event that some streets put on that draw crowds from all over the city – it’s a friendly neighborhood Halloween.

“A successful Halloween was had by all!” writes neighbor Laura. “I know our family enjoyed going out trick-or-treating with our friends, who came to FK to join us. Among other terrific costumes we had that night, we had a detective, a bartender, a goth guy, and a zombie cheerleader!”

The pictures here are published with permission. (If you’d like to add in pictures of you or your kids in costume from Halloween, please email them to fk94131 at yahoo.com)

goth dude and zombie cheerleader halloween 2015



The Halloween “Loop” for 2015

It’s that time of the year again, and our neighbors (Thank you, Laura and FKNO!) are organizing the Halloween Loop in Forest Knolls. Neighbors with candy will have a pumpkin decoration up.

If anyone wants to send pictures of themselves or their kids in costume for this site, please email them to FK94131 at yahoo.com, and we’ll post them after Halloween!

Here’s the flyer:

halloween flyer

The same flyer as a printable PDF is here: Forest Knolls Halloween 2015

Halloween, Giants, and Rain

I thought for sure Halloween would be rained out this year, or completely upstaged by the giant Giants Victory Parade being held downtown. But I laid in candy nonetheless, and plugged in a large plastic pumpkin in front of the house. By 5.30 p.m. the weather had cleared. I could see excited little princesses and superheroes running down the street in the Loop.

Thanks to the organizers for this year’s efforts! (And if anyone wants to publish their Halloween pictures here, send them in!  fk94131 at yahoo dot com) [Edited to Add: Here’s a cute ‘Officer E and his sidekick Owl costume picture someone sent me.]

Halloween - Officer E and his sidekick owl

This year, we had a fairy and a princess, a Giants fan and Black Widow (from the Avengers), a tiger-kitty, and a dramatic Voodoo priest accompanied by a large and shaggy bear. They all got candy, except for the bear. “Never feed the bears,” he said, as he declined.

Meanwhile, the parade was a huge success despite the rain.

This picture was actually taken earlier in the month from Twin Peaks, but I figured an orange-lit City Hall is an appropriate one to celebrate with. GO GIANTS!


Halloween is Coming to Forest Knolls

pumpkin clipart public domainEach year, for the last several years, neighbor Laura Bloch has worked with the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization to set up a Halloween loop where neighbors can sign on to provide candy for trick-or-treating kids. It’s been excellent. Thanks, Laura, Siobhan and Walter for doing this!

Here’s their message:

Halloween is fast approaching and children from all over Forest Knolls are invited to safely trick or treat in “The Loop”! If you will be home from 5:30-8:00 on Halloween evening and would like to participate in the festivities, please e-mail  Laura Bloch (LJBloch@aol.com) to confirm and you will receive a small pumpkin and sign to display, which will alert prospective trick-or- treaters that you are home and handing out candy. Please see the attached for more information.

The Loop includes homes on 1-299 Oak Park, 401-409 Christopher, on 1-201 Warren Drive, and 100-191 Forest Knolls Drive.

(This doesn’t mean that people who don’t live on the Loop can’t participate! Put a pumpkin sign out prominently, and you may get trick-or-treaters.)

halloween map forest knolls 2014[Edited to Add: I modified this to remove a phone number and add a house address to the Loop at the request of the organizers.]

Halloween 2013 Thanks!

halloween 2013 forest knolls smI missed Halloween this year because I was away. So I was really glad to see a note from Laura Bloch (who organized the Forest Knolls Halloween Loop) together with some pictures from Eleanor Marquez (reproduced here with permission from both).

Thank you to all the folks who handed out treats AND all the kids who went trick-or-treating. It’s terrific to have a neighborhood event like this!
Next year we’ll promote the event more so we get even more participating households and more participating kids. Kevin on Warren gave me some great ideas. (Thanks, Kevin.)
These wonderful photos are courtesy of Eleanor Marquez. Thank you, Eleanor, for being our official photographer!

Our neighbors, Brooke and Jack on Oak Park responded:

Thanks for putting on this great neighborhood event! Please let us know how else we can help out. It was great to see all the kids in their costumes and hear then say that we had one of the scariest houses 😉

Thanks, Laura Bloch, Eleanor, and Walter for this event. Even though I missed it, I’m so glad Forest Knolls had a wonderful Halloween!

forest knolls halloween 2013

Inner Sunset Halloween – We’re Invited

Barbara Oleksiw, the marvelous organizer who puts on all kinds of interesting events at the Northwest corner of Irving and 6th, is of course doing Halloween – not once but twice over. She asked me to run this.

We’re all invited.  It looks like you could do the Forest Knolls Halloween loop as well as this, if you want.

There’s a pumpkin promenade the evening before:

pumpkins on on parade public domainPumpkin Promenade with Punch!    The Night *BEFORE* Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 7 ~ 9pm

Hoping to make this an annual event, we are *this year* offering a creative display along Irving St., near Sixth Avenue, of carved pumpkins, starting at 7p.  We invite YOU to lend us your carved pumpkins (just for the evening).  Or, drop them off earlier, and pick them up later. We’ll have plenty of tea-lights, too.

All adults & kids will be offered warm drinks…and perhaps some cookies will appear.

Questions answered by Barbara: 415/

halloween-scary-house public domainAnd then there’s a Halloween party on Halloween itself:

An Old-Fashioned Halloween for pre-teens  -Thursday, Oct. 31st  5 ~ 9pm

Spooks, Ghosts, Games & Treats (of course)
SPECIAL: Tricks for Kids to Play on Adults
All Adults Welcome when Accompanied by a Kid!

Photographs for Families with Babies, too!
•  absolutely no admission charge  •  free, free, free  •
NW Corner of Irving & 6th, Inner Sunset

Questions/Volunteer: Barbara 415 /


Halloween Loop in Forest Knolls

Halloween’s coming, and for the third year, our neighbor Laura Bloch is co-ordinating a Halloween loop via the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization (FKNO). (See the map below.)

This is a way for kids to enjoy a fruitful and safe trick-or-treating event. Everyone who wants to participate will display a pumpkin. (FKNO can provide pumpkins courtesy Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch.)

fk halloween 2013 sm
Click on this to go to a larger – and more legible – version of the flyer. (If you keep clicking, it eventually takes you to a much larger one.)

Nearing Halloween

My evening walks are getting deliciously Halloween-flavored.

What better phase of the moon for an eerie picture than a waxing crescent?

crescent moon

(I found out quite late that if the moon is ‘D’ shaped, it’s waxing, and if it’s ‘C’-shaped, it’s waning. The mnemonic is ‘Dogs advance, Cats retreat.’ But it only works in the Northern hemisphere; Down Under, it’s the other way.)

Here’s the moon and Venus, taken a night or two later. [Edited to Add: Looking closely at this picture again, I can just see the Old Moon in the New Moon’s arms – the earthshine on the non-illuminated part of the moon. The Wikipedia says it’s light reflected from earth onto the moon.]

moon and venus

I was on Tank Hill recently, where I always take photographs even though very few actually come out. This time, though, with a little brightening of the image and upping the contrast, I got these Halloween trees.

halloween trees on tank hillLast night, I didn’t encounter a single dog-walker – but, appropriately, there were two cats. Here’s one:

cat 1And here’s the other – don’t miss the Halloween eyes. (Okay, it’s normal eyeshine, but it looked cool!)

cat 2

And some neighbors have started putting up their Halloween decorations, like this happy family of jack o’ lanterns. Looking forward to seeing more decorations as we get closer to the date!

halloween pumpkins 1

A Happy Halloween at Forest Knolls

Despite the rain, despite not being in The Loop – we got the largest number of trick-or-treaters we’ve had in the last ten years or so. We had over twenty kids come by…

And they were a colorful troupe, in their costumes. Ironman and Spidey and Batman-in-arms and Belle, a delightful little bumblebee, an elegant witch and an eskimo and a cheetah, a little engineer (the kind that drives trains, not the kind that builds bridges or software), a strawberry and a ninja, an adorable fireman, a tall Kitten and I think Minnie Mouse, a pumpkin and a princess. An evil jester with a death’s head, and a zombie and a zombie pirate. Too many to keep track of, though I wish I had.

Near the end of the evening, Walter Caplan came by with the trick-or-treaters, dressed as a mad scientist. But he wasn’t collecting candy (though of course we offered him some). Instead he dropped off a little goody bag with a Halloween snow-globe and a thank-you note for taking part.

Thank you, Laura Bloch, and Walter Caplan, of the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization for organizing and getting the word out.  Great job organizing this successful event. I hope all the participants enjoyed it as much as we did.

And if you missed out this time – next time, (and I hope there will be one) contact Laura early for your sign and your pumpkin so people know you’re open for Tricks and Treats!

Forest Knolls Halloween 2012 Reminder

Tomorrow’s Halloween!

[See the Halloween Plan for Forest Knolls here.]

This is a reminder – anyone on the Loop who wants to sign up, please contact Laura Bloch. Laura is at LJBloch@aol.com or (415)  504 8043.

You can join in the fun even if you’re not on the Loop – put out decorations/ pumpkins/ and have candy!


For those who’d like to bring their kids trick-or-treating (or kids reading this) – it’s from 5.30-8 p.m. tomorrow.

There’ll be other houses with decorations and candy, too! (Even if they’re not on the Loop.)

Forest Knolls Halloween Plans

It’s coming up to Halloween, and Forest Knolls is organizing a candy loop…

Walter Caplan of the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization (FKNO) dropped off a flyer at my place with the details. Laura Bloch is organizing this.  Laura is at LJBloch@aol.com or (415)  504 8043.

Basically, if you’re in the loop (on the map below) and want to take part, have a pumpkin outside your house, and be ready for visitors between 5.30 p.m. and 8 p.m. The FKNO will provide pumpkins and pumpkin signs.  (This doesn’t mean that homes that aren’t on the loop can’t participate. Just have a pumpkin visible, leave your porch light on, and have a stash of candy ready. That’s what I mean to do!)

And if you have kids (or are a kid) who wants to trick-or-treat, come on over to the Forest Knolls loop and look for the pumpkin signs.

Halloween 2011 in our neighborhood

Forest Knolls is organizing a Trick-or-Treat loop this year! It’s from 5.30 pm to 8 p.m on Monday Oct 31, and is being coordinated by Laura Bloch. Here’s the flyer:



(The loop starts at the bottom of Forest Knolls drive, up via Oak Park, left on Christopher to Warren Drive, and then follow Warren Drive until it meets Oak Park.)

A Season of Spiders and Pumpkins

The theme this Halloween seems to be spiders and pumpkins.

The pumpkins are a perennial favorite, of course, but the spiders? That’s new this year. Around our neighborhood, there were some bats and  ghoulies and ghosties.  And lots of giant spiders…







I’m hoping we have some kids coming round… those years I celebrate, I always end up with excess candy. (Except the year that the last callers were three teenage ghosts at 9.30, who kindly took most of the remnants. I didn’t feel guilty. At that age, they can handle it!)


Our Local Halloween Pumpkins

Our neighborhood pumpkin patch is at the foot of Warren Drive in Forest Knolls, at 7th and Lawton. For Halloween, the open space has been transformed into Clancy’s Pumpkins.

When I went down there to take some photographs, I found it was more than just a pumpkin sale.

The atmosphere was festive, with  kids running around, some in costume, looking for the Perfect Pumpkin.

It had  halloween decorations, a little zoo with white rabbits and white turkeys, and bales of hay stacked into mini-forts.

Of course there were loads and loads of orange pumpkins, with stocks waiting behind the scenes to replenish the stock that was sold.

And coming soon, I presume: Clancy’s Christmas Trees. Since the sign’s already up, though lined with pumpkins.