Halloween, Giants, and Rain

I thought for sure Halloween would be rained out this year, or completely upstaged by the giant Giants Victory Parade being held downtown. But I laid in candy nonetheless, and plugged in a large plastic pumpkin in front of the house. By 5.30 p.m. the weather had cleared. I could see excited little princesses and superheroes running down the street in the Loop.

Thanks to the organizers for this year’s efforts! (And if anyone wants to publish their Halloween pictures here, send them in!  fk94131 at yahoo dot com) [Edited to Add: Here’s a cute ‘Officer E and his sidekick Owl costume picture someone sent me.]

Halloween - Officer E and his sidekick owl

This year, we had a fairy and a princess, a Giants fan and Black Widow (from the Avengers), a tiger-kitty, and a dramatic Voodoo priest accompanied by a large and shaggy bear. They all got candy, except for the bear. “Never feed the bears,” he said, as he declined.

Meanwhile, the parade was a huge success despite the rain.

This picture was actually taken earlier in the month from Twin Peaks, but I figured an orange-lit City Hall is an appropriate one to celebrate with. GO GIANTS!


Tank Hill Night with Orange City Hall

We went up to Tank Hill the other night. (Isn’t that one of the perks of this neighborhood? A 15-minute walk takes you to a great vista point – especially at night?)

It was a perfect night, clear and warm. The lights of the city shone below us, and in the sky, laser lights made a dancing pattern of dots on the clouds. I took some photographs… I’ve been mucking with the settings on my camera, so they weren’t really sharp – but somehow they had a painterly look I quite liked.  Here they are… and if anyone has better ones they’d like to share, send them on over!