Tank Hill Night with Orange City Hall

We went up to Tank Hill the other night. (Isn’t that one of the perks of this neighborhood? A 15-minute walk takes you to a great vista point – especially at night?)

It was a perfect night, clear and warm. The lights of the city shone below us, and in the sky, laser lights made a dancing pattern of dots on the clouds. I took some photographs… I’ve been mucking with the settings on my camera, so they weren’t really sharp – but somehow they had a painterly look I quite liked.  Here they are… and if anyone has better ones they’d like to share, send them on over!

One thought on “Tank Hill Night with Orange City Hall”

  1. Thank you for the frequent posts. It’s great to have a connection to the neighborhood. Thank you for taking the time to keep us connected. Hopefully, we’ll have some fun Halloween photos from the loop! Lesley

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