Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener Outside

car broken windshieldSometimes, we need to leave our cars outside for convenience. If you’re doing that – bring your garage door opener inside. Thieves are breaking into cars, and snagging openers. As someone pointed out,  a thief,  can check the car’s registration papers to get the probable address. And then they’re into the garage and maybe the house.

I thought our neighborhood was pretty safe, but it happened on Devonshire yesterday. Here’s what a neighbor posted on our Yahoo Group:

Our car was unlocked last night, mistakenly, and someone opened it, got the garage remote and opened our garage door during the night. Apparently nothing was stolen except for the remote, but it’s scary and creepy.  The same thing happened a few weeks ago, when the car was parked on a different street, and the remote was found a block away.

Let’s all keep a neighborhood watch –

Non-Emergency Situations – 415-553-0123

Lock your house and your cars.
Keep the holidays safe and happy.

Thanks to the original poster for the heads up and the warning.

One thought on “Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener Outside”

  1. Better yet, just park inside your garage. Our neighborhood is getting increasingly congested with cars parked out front when there’s a perfectly good garage inside the house. Across the street from me, there are 7 cars, and they fill up the previously empty street parking, as well as blocking the sidewalk when they park in the microscopic driveway. We move here to get away from hyper-congested city streets, don’t ruin it!

    [Webmaster: Well, yes, that’s the best way. But sometimes the vehicle is too big, or house-guests get the inside space, or there’s a remodel going on, and cars have to move out.]

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