Season’s Greetings, and Happy New 2014!

four reindeerSeason’s Greetings to everyone who’s reading this, and a Happy New Year in 2014!

This website and blog is just over four years and 300 posts old. It was partly meant to give Forest Knolls a web presence; partly to give it a public voice.

I’ve found that writing about this neighborhood really makes me appreciate it. Please feel free to join in – send photographs, make comments, write about things you’d like to share. Onward to Year Five!

2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings, and Happy New 2014!”

  1. I can hardly express how much I enjoy this blog. I do not live in Forest Knolls, but appreciate hearing about a contiguous neighborhood, written with such articulation and passion by a *volunteer!* I also love the fact that this Web mistress posts *darn* good photos to accompany many of her postings. I wish terribly that we had a similar service here for the “Innah Sunset.” Even when I’m traveling, I check in because it’s a lovely touch of almost-home.

    Additionally, I find the very thorough factual profile of this ‘hood to be very informative and thoughtfully presented. It’s very well done.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, and I hope you’ll keep this up for many more.

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! Your own volunteering is awesome – creating so many free events each year at your home. If you (or others) can send me photographs or stories from Inner Sunset, I’d be happy to post them here. For instance, I’d love to see photographs from any of your events and maybe a few lines about it? Thanks for everything you do.

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