Update: Fight the SF Overlook Development, Get the T-shirt!

The steep hillside above the planned development

Readers of this blog will know that the much-opposed Crestmont Development (34 units at the end of a narrow road on a steep slope) is back with a new name, The San Francisco Overlook. It’s still 34 units, it’s still at the end of a narrow road, and the hill remains pretty steep. The Environmental Impact Report is in its final phase, and comments will soon be due.  The neighborhood coalition is geared up for the battle (pardon the pun) with t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags.

Here’s where I  first described the problems with this development — with some maps showing exactly why it’s a bad idea.

This update was sent by the Crestmont-Mt.Sutro-Forest Knolls Neighborhood Preservation Coalition. (It’s republished with permission and added emphasis):

SF OVERLOOK Development Threatens Our Neighborhood!

EIR in Final Phase!

Preparing for Upcoming Publication of 2nd Draft of EIRUpdate, 6-25-11

As summer has begun, we are awaiting the publication of the 2nd draft of the  Environmental Impact Report (EIR) pertaining to the SF Overlook 34-unit condominium project at the end of Crestmont Drive. Once it has been published, we will have 30 days to  express our concerns and objections regarding this oversized development which will add far too much traffic, parking congestion and density to our neighborhood.

We will notify all of our Mt.Sutro Woods and Forest Knolls neighbors when the time comes to deluge the Planning Department with letters. It will also be important that we  attend and speak at the public hearing which will be held by the Planning Commission.

With a united effort on the part of the community, we believe we can stop this project in its present form. If something must be built on this treacherous hillside, we are  fighting for a much scaled-back development of far fewer  single family homes which would address the critical issues  of safety, congestion and density at the end of this fragile cul-de-sac, and be more in character with the surrounding  neighborhood.

As a visible reflection of our resolve, we have adapted the  now familiar red and yellow “STOP SF OVERLOOK DEVELOPMENT”  poster to a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts. We have been  wearing them on our walks around the neighborhood and  several neighbors have expressed the wish to obtain these distinctive sportswear items for themselves and their family  members, to further spread the message of their objection to the proposed development.

If you are interested, the t-shirts and some other STOP SF  OVERLOOK items can be ordered here: http://www.zazzle.com/preservecrestmont. We will also post a link on http://crestmontpreservation.org.

We hope to see many neighbors at the hearing wearing these t-shirts and sweatshirts as they might send a powerful  message of neighborhood sentiment and cohesiveness!

Please display the poster in your window and urge your neighbors to also display the poster!  If you need a poster, please call 415-640-3869 or email info@crestmontpreservation.org.

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