Cloud Mural Returning

A few weeks ago, I’d reported rather sadly that the cloud mural was gone, the one that formerly graced the Public Storage building at Mission and Duboce. Gone after I don’t know how many years, because I first saw it at least 20 years ago.

So today, I’m delighted to report … it’s coming back! Yesterday, when I drove by there, I saw that a couple of panels had been repainted. So today I went back and got a photograph.

I stopped by to ask who the artist was and who was responsible for this. The clerk, busy with a customer, didn’t know and didn’t have time to investigate it. “But when it’s finished the artist will put his name on it,” he said.

So I’ll have to keep an eye out. If anyone knows, please do leave a comment.

[Edited to Add,  4 March 2012: They did sign it, and here’s the attribution. The designer is Gary Graham, (phone 530 477-1019) and the muralist is Peter Collins (415 706 1462).]

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