Anyone Want A Street Tree?

Kathleen posted a message to the neighborhood Yahoo Group, to let us know that Friends of the Urban Forest are offering to plant street trees in our neighborhood. (It’s reprinted with permission.)

First, the message from Doug Lybeck ( at Friends of the Urban Forest:

Hello!  This is a monthly neighborhood organizing report for tree planting in your neighborhood!

Friends of the Urban Forest is working to get enough commitments to plant trees to enable us to have a tree planting in the  Twin Peaks Area and in almost every other area of the City. When we get up to 30 trees committed by property owners we’ll be able to schedule a community tree planting. Can you help create the  necessary demand?  In so doing you will create a legacy right here in our “front yards” — one that can be enjoyed by yourself and the children and grandchildren of the neighborhood.  And at just $75 for the tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years the price is a real bargain. Research shows that trees increase property values, help the environment and improve our quality of life in many ways.  So please plant a tree in  front of your house or talk with neighbors or local business about planting one (or two) in front of their property!  If you know the owner of a site that  could plant several trees please let me know — we would love to help them start reaping the benefits of having trees.  Plantings are fun and literally  bring neighborhoods together.

Kathleen’s message indicates why for some of us, it’s not feasible, even though we’d love to have street trees (like Forest Hill or St Francis Wood!)  I have the same problems. Not enough space on the street.

But. All the homes here are not uniform, and some of you may have space and inclination to add trees. Please email Doug Lybeck, and/or leave comments here.

Howdy Neighbors,

Friends of the Urban Forest is organizing the planting of trees in our neighborhood (Forest Knolls is included in the “Twin Peaks Area”).  See below [i.e., above] if  you are interested in getting a tree planted in front of your house.  We checked into it and the sidewalk is not wide enough in front of our house (you  need 4′ clear on the sidewalk plus room for a minimum 2-1/2′ cut out for the tree basin).  They will also plant the tree in your front planter if you are  interested in that (we already have trees in all our planters).


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