Boycat Found

FOUND Lost cat - Boycat - ginger tabbyOne of my favorite things to do is post updates when a lost pet is found, and to go back and edit the header of the original “LOST” post to say “FOUND.”

Today I get to do that for Boycat

Here’s what Boycat’s family wrote on Nextdoor:

We found Boycat.
He was in the warm glasshouse nursery in the arboretum.
We think he has been there for the past 4 weeks!
We walked past this morning for about the 150th time and heard a yowl – he must have heard us speaking – and Heather and I knew instantly it was him. It took a while to coax him out of a corner of the greenhouse. He was very hungry, frightened, skittish yet characteristically pleased to see us.
Thank you all for your support and patience with us as we filled the streets of our neighborhood with our longing to have Boycat back.

So glad he’s home!

[FOUND] Lost Ginger Tabby Cat: “Boycat”

Update: Boycat’s been found!

Another lost kitty, this time from San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood, across from Golden Gate Park.  Here’s the photo and the message from Heather, the cat’s owner.

Lost cat - Boycat - ginger tabby

“Boycat” big orange male striped tabby with green eyes and white tip of his tail – 15 pounds, big sweet cat, indoor only, he has never been outside and will be scared and confused – likely hiding. Is he in your garage or yard? Hiding on your spare tire? No collar, no chip. Escaped from our apartment at 1220 14th avenue (the big apartment building on the corner behind Andronico’s) sometime during the day Thursday January 16th. He will be unable to find our apartment door, as it is upstairs in an apartment building.

Please catch him if you can – he is sweet and mild, or please all even if you see a wandering orange striped tabby. He is our pal and we hate to think of him lost and scared! Call any time! [number deleted]. Thank you.

home of lost cat BoycatAnd here’s some further information:

We have had 2 sightings that place him running across Lincoln from the area of our building the day he went missing, and one in the Arboretum [i.e, the Botanic Garden in Golden Gate Park] just inside the gardeners’ entrance near 10th [Avenue] yesterday, so we are continuing to look for him!

If you see him, please call Heather!

[FOUND] LOST DOG: Crestmont Drive – Medium size Black Dog

Edited to add: The DOG IS HOME!

I got this comment on the ‘pets’ page,  but am posting it here for better circulation. If I get a photo, I’ll post it here too. And if Nina comes home, please let me know!

Our dog, Nina, was last seen at 1am on New Years Eve in Forest Knolls on the hillside above Crestmont Drive.

She was spooked by the fireworks and ran off. Please help her come home.

She has a blue collar with a Marin County dog license and an oversized leather teardrop tag.

Nina is a 7 year old small/medium sized black dog with brown stockings and salt & pepper toes on her hind legs. She has two brown spots above her eyes and a white spot on her chest. There is some graying around her snout. We’re working on getting her photo posted here as well.

Lost Cat: ‘Sky Kitty’

Jennifer, a former neighbor asked me to post this. Her cat, who currently lives in Forest Knolls, is missing. If you see him, please email her at

Sky Kitty

Here’s her message:

I am no longer a member of the Forest Knoll group as we moved out of state.  However, my cat has been staying on Warren Drive with a friend until I can come back and transport him to his new home. Would you be able to post this message to the listserve for me?

He has been missing since Thursday morning, November 21st.  He lives on Warren Drive near Oak Park and responds to the name Sky Kitty.  Has anyone seen him?

Please keep a lookout for Sky Kitty, and email Jennifer if you see him.

Lost Dog – Yorkshire Terrier – July 24, 2012 [FOUND]

Edited to Update (July 27, 2012): He’s been found! Here’s what I heard from Tess:

“Great news! My niece, the original owner, went with me to look on Christopher Street. She called his name several times and he ran out of the woods and into her arms.

“Thank you for your help in my search.”
I am so pleased to be able to report another happy ending.


This picture’s been posted on lamp-posts in our area. It’s a missing two-year-old male Yorkie, lost on Tuesday at Devonshire and Oak Park in the Forest Knolls area. If you see this little dog, please call Tess at (415) 640-1975.

(I just spoke with her July 25th at 8.30 p.m., the dog is still missing.)

White dog at Diamond Heights Safeway (San Francisco)

I was just at the Diamond Heights Safeway (around 2.45 on 2 June 2012), and saw a small white dog gleefully scampering around the parking lot as though it had gotten out when it wasn’t meant to. I looked around for the owner, but didn’t see anyone.

It wouldn’t let me get close enough to check its collar for tags, so here’s a photo. In case anyone is looking for it.

Missing Cat [FOUND] – Maine Coon – Jan 2012

A note from a neighbor:

Our gray/brown/black Maine Coon cat, Rosie, has been missing since yesterday afternoon [6 Jan 2012] from her home at +++ Christopher, near Oak Park. She is an indoor – outdoor cat, but rarely stays out long. She has a collar and tag, but it’s hard to see under all her fur, and has been known to fall off. She is usually afraid of strangers, and has never been in a fight.

If you’ve seen her, please email  or call us at [Edited to remove] . Thanks!

Edited to Add:  Good news! Rosie is safe home. Here’s the note I received:

“Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. Rosie seems to have gotten accidentally detained in a neighbor’s garage. She’s fine, and we’re happy to have her home.”

Missing Black Dog (Glen Park) – FOUND

Edited to Add: Just heard that this dog was found at 3 a.m. this morning!


This dog has gone missing from the Safeway park above Glen Canyon, where she got into a chase with two coyotes.

Xena is all-black, smooth coat, about 25 lb., pointy ears. She was last seen at the edge of Safeway Park in Diamond Heights. She’s very, very shy and won’t come near you, so please just call [ETA: Removed phone number, no longer needed.]

(Information and photograph provided by Avrum Shepard of the West of Twin Peaks Council.)

Please keep a lookout for this dog, especially if you’re walking your dogs anywhere near here.

Cat Found in Sutro Forest

We’ve been sent a report on a new cat that has shown up in the forest in the Belgrave/ Stanyan area. It’s probably someone’s pet. We don’t have photos, hence the public domain drawing on the right; but here is the description:

“It’s clearly some sort of purebred Siamese, maybe a lynx point? Big tawny body, very Siamese face and large ears. I was wondering if you’ve heard about any lost cats? This cat must have belonged to somebody. If you hear of anything, please let me know. I’ve just spotted it once, but the construction workers have spotted it a few times. The cat seemed quite fearful, sort of slinking along atop a fence, then down into the woods.”

(There’s construction work going on at Belgrave; a home-owner on the forest edge is doing a major re-model.)

If it’s your cat, contact us at fk94131 at and we’ll try to put you in touch with the people who’ve seen it.

Missing Pekinese Dog (Found)

Update: I received word today that the dog has been found.

Update 2: So yesterday, I actually met Koko and Iina for the first time. The little dog was entirely as affectionate as advertised… she came over and jumped up to make friends. I’m so glad she’s home.


One of our neighbors has lost her dog. Here’s the posting from Craig’s List:

My Dog’s name is Iina. She went missing on 10/4/10 Monday 1PM in Inner Sunset Area.
She is five years old, female. Small dog(about 11 pounds) with blond hair. Very Very Very affectionate. Loves people. She is wearing a collar with name and phone number of her veterinarian in Novato CA. Although I strongly believe in good in all people, there is a reward! No question asked.. please please call or email me 415-713-6650 or Thank you!

The photographs (also from Craig’s List) show this little blond Pekinese dog. Please keep an eye out for her.

Update: A reward of $500 is being offered.

Lost dog in Contra Costa: FOUND!

UPDATE:  The little dog Lula has been found and is home.


Someone’s little Bichon Frise mix was stolen in a Contra Costa robbery. They’re offering a reward for her return. I know Contra Costa isn’t in our neighborhood, but anything we do to boost the signal (spread the word on the internet) may help locate her.

Here’s material from their website. The website also provides a donation button so you can add to the $500 reward being offered. If Lula isn’t found, the money will be donated to an animal-loving cause.


Help Find Lula!

Lula is the beloved pet of Rob and Julia Cassidy. She is small and fragile and NEEDS TO TAKE MEDICATION EVERY SEVEN DAYS for a medical condition…without it she may not survive. On August 6th, 2010 somebody broke into Rob and Julia’s home and stole several items including their precious puppy. Currently there is a $500 reward offered for her safe return. You can make a reward donation on this site via PayPal.

Please spread the word because time is of the essence and she needs to be back home with her family. You can help by printing and distributing the fliers, send everyone you know the website and post it on FB. If someone has seen her or knows where she is – please call the number on the flier – there will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

We are on KTVU! Check out the video and share it with as many people as you can!

If you would like to email Rob and Julia please use
There will be no questions asked – strictly confidential – they just want the safe return of Lula

Another Happy Ending

For those of you who’ve seen this Lost Cat poster in our neighborhood for a gray and white cat: it’s been found. Emmet McDonagh posted a message to the neighborhood Group to say they’d found the cat and were watching it until its owner picked it up.

This community is wonderful about pets.

Meanwhile, the black lost cat Sebastien is still missing. He may have been spotted hiding in shrubbery on the other side of Twin Peaks, but the identification was unsure.