Forest Knolls, with Coyote, Great Horned Owl, and Raccoon

I love that I can walk late at night in Forest Knolls. I’ve always enjoyed these magical (though infrequent walks). Now, with social distancing, they’re better than ever; there’s hardly anyone around.

Last week, I was out a couple of times. The first night was as still and quiet as if someone had turned off the world’s sound. On my way home I saw a dark shape on the sidewalk ahead. At first, it was so still that I thought it was a small abandoned suitcase or something. But as I came closer, it moved, and the light from the street-lamp showed me a raccoon. It looked at me and dived into the roadside shrubs. I went out to the middle of the road to give it enough room. Though I was pleased to see it. With all the precautions people (including us) take with their trashcans, I thought raccoons had abandoned our neighborhood for lack of food.

Another night, the quiet was broken by one of my favorite sounds: a Great Horned Owl up in Sutro Forest. It sounded like a lone owl, and stopped after a few hoots. Later in the year, perhaps I’ll hear the duets of a pair talking to each other.

And the same night, the best sighting of all: a coyote, out on Oak Park Drive near the staircase called Glenhaven Lane. When it saw me, it retreated up the staircase, and then onto the hillside so it could escape into the bushes if I pursued it. I didn’t, of course. I gave it a wide berth, and took a few blurry pictures with my cellphone.


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Neighborhood Playdate July 2010

[ETA: Here’s a report on the playdate.]


Attention Neighbors with kids (or kids who are neighbors!):

Midtown Terrace Playground

Edited to Add: The date has been changed to July 25, 2010, from 1-3 p.m. The lawn area has been reserved.

There’s a Forest Knolls Neighborhood play date planned at Midtown Terrace Playground. Here’s a message from Laura Bloch on Evite for this event:

Calling all Forest Knolls families, especially those with kids! Come on over to Midtown Terrace playground for a neighborhood get-together.  We have some new families in the ‘hood, so it’s a good chance to say hello to new faces and old.

You can REPLY directly to  Please indicate # of adults and # of kids attending.  We’ll advise if there’s a change to the date or time.

We have someone bringing finger sandwiches, water and a folding table.  Feel free to bring other food or drinks to share!

Last, if you know a family who is not on the Yahoo Group, let them know they are welcome to join us!

[Laura asked me to post this here as well.]