Neighborhood Playdate July 2010

[ETA: Here’s a report on the playdate.]


Attention Neighbors with kids (or kids who are neighbors!):

Midtown Terrace Playground

Edited to Add: The date has been changed to July 25, 2010, from 1-3 p.m. The lawn area has been reserved.

There’s a Forest Knolls Neighborhood play date planned at Midtown Terrace Playground. Here’s a message from Laura Bloch on Evite for this event:

Calling all Forest Knolls families, especially those with kids! Come on over to Midtown Terrace playground for a neighborhood get-together.  We have some new families in the ‘hood, so it’s a good chance to say hello to new faces and old.

You can REPLY directly to  Please indicate # of adults and # of kids attending.  We’ll advise if there’s a change to the date or time.

We have someone bringing finger sandwiches, water and a folding table.  Feel free to bring other food or drinks to share!

Last, if you know a family who is not on the Yahoo Group, let them know they are welcome to join us!

[Laura asked me to post this here as well.]