We Have Speed Humps and Speed Cushions

I’ve written here about neighbor Beverly Mack’s long battle to get traffic calming on Warren Drive. Then, finally, there were emails from SFMTA that they had approved two speed humps for Oak Park Drive, and two speed cushions for Warren Drive. Recently, someone let me know they’d actually been installed. And here they are. (Thanks, Beverly! It’s taken 5 years, but it’s done!)


Oak Park has two speed humps – like a gentle speed bump, on the stretch of road below the hillside. I drove over them, and I found them quite benign, they didn’t jerk my car.

Speed hump sign on Oak Park drive

Speed hump on Oak Park Drive


Warren has speed cushions – like speed bumps, but with gaps so that a bus (or fire-truck) can avoid going over it.

speed cushion on Warren Drive

While I was taking pictures, the 36 Teresita bus came by.

The 36 teresita approaches speed cushion on Warren Drive

It needs to cross the double-yellow line to get past the speed cushion without going over it, but seemed to have no problem navigating it.

The 36 Teresita crosses the speed cushion on Warren Drive

On the other hand, while I was waiting on Oak Park to turn left onto Warren, a car came by pretty fast on Warren Drive – from the direction on the speed cushions. So I think they’re a good thing, but maybe they haven’t slowed things down all that much. I’d still be careful on Warren.

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