Ooh, Shiny! Reflections on an Aston Martin

I was at West Portal this evening, walking back to my car when I saw people pausing on the sidewalk to take Smartphone pictures of something before moving on. As I came abreast, I saw what it was. A shiny new car.

How shiny? As shiny as a tin can when you remove the label. As shiny as a polished table knife. As shiny as a chrome-plated bumper, only this was the whole car.

Not metallic paint shiny, actually reflective. Like this.

shiny aston martin shiny aston martin 2 aston martin rear view aston martin

It was quite spectacular, and I have to admit, somewhat unexpected in staid West Portal.  Then again, a few cars down from it was a Tesla.


Maybe not so staid after all!

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