Will the 36 Teresita drop Forest Knolls?

Someone drew my attention to the new SF MTA study released January 23rd. Though the 36 Teresita bus (the only one that comes through our neighborhood) is not mentioned in the actual report, it shows up in the maps. It looks like the plan is to discontinue service to Forest Knolls, and maybe at some point replace it with a van service. The map below is taken from that report. (The whole report is available as a PDF HERE.)

36 teresita sm

2 thoughts on “Will the 36 Teresita drop Forest Knolls?”

  1. I think the plan does not envision serving Forest Knolls at all by bus or van. The van service would replace the 36 line entirely (which, by then, would no longer have Forest Knolls as part of the route).

    Any comments on the plan are due to the Planning Department by February 22. Comments can be sent to:
    San Francisco Planning Department
    Attention: TEP
    1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    or email to debra.dwyer@sfgov.org

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