NERT Again – December 2012

I got this message about new Neighborhood Emergency Response Training classes for December. All the information is below.

(There’s also a flyer that you can download here as a PDF file and print: NERT flyer dec 2012 )


We have one more training in December!  Please include this note in your District newsletter and/or add this information to your calendar.

This NERT Training is somewhat central but is for all people who live and work in the San Francisco.  People may live and work in different parts of the city.  This training may fit their schedule!

And…What a great (early) Holiday gift for someone you love, your relative, your neighbor, or your co-worker!  Give them a copy of the NERT flyer (see attached), encourage them to take the training. Tell them the STORY of why to took the NERT training! Tell them how important it is to Prepare, to Mitigate (to make less harsh, less severe and less painful), and let them know that when we face a disaster like the East Coast has just experienced and continues to experience, we will be so much more ready in the Recovery phase and with stronger ability to put our lives back together again!  Surely, no one expected this disaster to hit the East Coast such as it did!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
–Anne Frank



Mission District
San Francisco Fire Department Division of Training*
Folsom St. @ 19th Street

Wednesday, 6:00PM – 9:00PM                   Classes start promptly!!!
December 5: Class 1
December 12: Class 2
December 19: Class 3
January 2: Class 4
January 9: Class 5
January 16: Class 6

To register visit:,

* Note: You must attend all sessions to gain the full benefit of the training. New students may not join on the second day of class. A Certificate will be issued. Make ups may be approved.
Recertification – Take Class 5 & 6 – Or Call 970-2024 or –
**SFFD DOT (Division of Training): 2310 Folsom Street between Shotwell & Folsom. Enter parking lot on 19th Street and park against masonry wall. DOT is the single-story building located next to Fire.   Also see: to arrive by Muni!

If you have any questions about the NERT program, please contact Lt. Arteseros at 415-970-2022 or email her at:,

Best regards and Thank you for Supporting the NERT Program.
Happy, Merry, and Safe Holidays to you and yours,

Diane Rivera
NERT Advisory Board – Coordinator Chair

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