Norman Yee is our New District 7 Supervisor

Congratulations to Norman Yee, our incoming District 7 Supervisor, who will be sworn in in January 2013; and thank you, Sean Elsbernd, for representing us for so many years.

It was a nail-biting finish. Norman Yee initially won 9182 of the first-choice votes, or just over 29% of votes cast. But with Ranked Choice Voting, an election can take days to be called, as losing candidates are eliminated and their votes reapportioned to the voters’ second and third choices. That’s what happened in the D7 race: For some time, it looked as though the second and third choices would bring FX Crowley to the top.  There were 31,000 votes (and each voter could cast three votes for their three favorite candidates, ranking them in order of preference.)

By the final round of eliminations, Round 6, only FX Crowley and Norman Yee were left. It was very very close. The final count (as of 21st November) was: Norman Yee, 12505; and FX Crowley, 12373. It’s a difference of 132 votes.

I’m rounding off here; if you want to see the actual results, there’s a neat table at the SF Elections website, HERE.

This website has a couple of earlier reports on Norman Yee’s positions when I was writing about the positions of various candidates; here is the report from the Golden Gate Heights candidates’ panel; and here are his views on the “San Francisco Overlook” project at the dead end on Crestmont.

His website is HERE.

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