Traffic Calming on Warren Drive – When?

[Edited 16 Sept 2012 to correct and clarify the dates and time line.]

Back in December 2010  mid-2008, neighbor Beverly Mack put in a request to the San Francisco MTA for traffic calming on Warren Drive, one of our neighborhood’s main streets. The issues were speeding, particularly on the curves and cut-through traffic.  Warren Drive has steep slopes and blind curves, with children often present. Parents park on the street to walk their kids down to the Clarendon School via the Ashwood Lane stairs. What they asked for was two speed-bumps.

The form needs ten signatures from neighbors; they got fifteen.

Here is a PDF of the application for Traffic Calming to SF MTA

SF MTA issued Beverly an acceptance letter in December 2010. In this acceptance letter, SF MTA noted that while it had accepted the application, that didn’t mean they would do anything right away.

Excerpt from SF MTA acceptance letter 2010

(The PDF is here: Acceptance ltr (10-0458) SF MTA Warren Drive Traffic Calming)

I guess it was a fair warning, because nearly two years later, exactly nothing has happened.

Beverly called SFMTA, and found the project is currently 14th out of 39 projects. She got an email from SF MTA that said, “Sometimes this ranking does shift as new applications are accepted and meet additional criteria (vehicle speeds and volume, recorded collisions, evidence of cut-through traffic, parks and schools nearby, etc). The traffic calming program is currently being evaluated and no new applications will be reviewed until Spring 2013 which means your ranking should not change.”  (By implication, they aren’t clearing any either.)  It’s a funding issue, apparently.

(What I’ve heard, true or not, is that it takes actual collisions to move the project up the rankings so they start acting on it.)


Even once the project starts, it takes time to accomplish.

So there it is: Despite all the effort, it looks unlikely anything will be done for another year or two — at best.

Does anyone have any ideas? If so, email Beverly:  BMack4paws  at

[Edited to Add: One way to help is to call or email the SF MTA.  Jeffrey Banks at 701-5331, email is]

Meanwhile: SF MTA has a questionnaire out, seeking feedback  about customer satisfaction. There’s one section where you can leave a comment. Perhaps that’s an opportunity to push this neighborhood’s needs.

Here is the link to the survey:

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