Blue tape and Criminal Activity

I follow the Bernalwood blog; it’s well-written and entertaining. Recently, they’ve been talking about blue masking tape in potential criminal activity.

The way it works is this: The criminals put a small piece of blue tape on the door (or, I suppose, the garage door) of a house – or many houses on a street. Then they come by at night to see if the tape’s been disturbed. If it isn’t removed for a number of days, they can guess that the house is unoccupied and therefore safe to break into.

Apparently, the Bernal area has had a rash of these blue-tape tags. There’s no report of subsequent break-ins, at least on the blog. But many of the neighbors there have been removing tape-tags they see.

Why does it have to be blue? I don’t know. I’d guess white masking tape would work as well.

I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this from any other source, but if you’re aware of it, let us know?

One thought on “Blue tape and Criminal Activity”

  1. There are a lot of neighborhoods – ours included – where people don’t use their front doors every day. That’s because they come and go through their garages. So that is a dubious method of determining whether or not people are home. A person could also be sick for a week and not go out, even if they do use their front doors.

    Good to know, though! Hopefully they’ll be caught through their faulty logic.

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