Forest Knolls, Then and Now

A few residents of Forest Knolls may still remember what it looked like back in 1961 after the hillside was scraped bare and graded and covered with homes, some still under construction. When I happened upon this picture (taken by Earl Martin) on the Western Neighborhoods Project website, I immediately asked them for permission to reproduce it here. Woody La Bounty was kind enough to agree. It was taken at the dedication of the Midtown Terrace Playground, around 1961.

[Edited to Add: For more historic pictures of Forest Knolls and Midtown Terrace, click HERE.]

Midtown-terrace-playground (San Francisco) c 1961 by Earl Martin taken at dedication of the playground

Here’s what it looks like today. Time and Nature and the green thumbs of residents over fifty years have transformed it from a building site to a green hill. This really looks like Forest Knolls.

Forest Knolls, San Francisco, in April 2012 - view from near Armenian Church

Here it is again with some labels… (if you want to send in more, I can edit them in).

Photo by Earl Martin, c 1961 - view of Forest Knolls (with added notes)

And here’s what the building site looked like, only three years earlier. Forest Knolls would be the bit labeled DEVELOPMENT.

Forest Knolls site in 1958