Earthquake Quick and Easy Plan

I don’t usually post twice on one day, but I think this is something people may find useful – especially after the recent wake-up call of the Napa Valley earthquake. I was browsing the NERT newsletter, and they had this 6-day preparedness plan for earthquakes.

No one can plan for every eventuality, but it’s reassuring to know one has made a good start. So here it is:

Start small. Just do one thing to get yourself prepared.
Every day!

Box of stuffDAY 1: put an old pair of comfortable shoes under your bed

DAY 2: Get a cardboard box to start your supply gathering

Day 3: House hunt, in your own house. Got a flashlight? Some bottled water? Extra roll of toilet paper? Maybe a radio? Think “what do I need if I get to stay in my home after an earthquake?” Put it in your box.

Day 4: Review this kit list, [shown below as a picture but also available here as a PDF you can print out]: Home-Work-Car-kit lists for earthquakes

Day 5: Buy one thing that you don’t have to make yourself more prepared after an earthquake.

Day 6: Start your personal plan [here’s an outline, shown below as a picture and here as a PDF]: FamilyDisasterPlan for earthquakes

Easy, right!!?

earthquake kit listI was here in Forest Knolls when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, with small kids at home. The children were watching Sesame Street or something similar. Suddenly, there was a quake. Then the power went out…

Knowing what to do (because it was part of the children’s training!) was valuable.

Family disaster plan

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