We’re Still in District 7! Who’ll be our New Supe?

This year, San Francisco reorganized its Supervisory Districts. I’ve been interested to know how the re-districting would come out, with plans of all kinds to change the boundaries this April. One proposal would have moved us (and Midtown Terrace) to District 8.

Well, the final maps are out, and we’re still in District 7. I was also pleased to see that our District includes all of Mount Sutro. One proposal had the boundary along Crestmont, which I didn’t like because actions on Mount Sutro would impact our neighborhood but we’d have less input.

[I talked about Redistricting in an earlier post, HERE.]

So here’s the map. Clicking on it will make a larger version come up.

What’s changed?

Not very much. Parnassus Heights, which is contiguous with Cole Valley, has gone into District 5.  A small area East of Ocean Avenue has joined D11. A couple of small areas North of Holloway and just above the I-280 have been added.

In the map above, Forest Knolls is in pale yellow (and the forest is in green). The areas added to District 7 are in pink, and the areas subtracted, in orange.


As some of you know, our supervisor, Sean Elsbernd, is termed out, and so there’ll be new candidates for a supervisory election. It will be held by ranked choice voting, which means you should choose the three candidates you like best and mark them in order of preference.

Who’s running (so far)?

1.  Joel Engardio. He  was one of the earliest to declare his candidacy. He stands for a sensible approach to city budgets, he’s small-business friendly, he supports dogs in our parks and off-leash areas, and he supports trees and urban forests. The reason I know so much about his platform is that he got in touch early. (I wrote about that HERE.)

His website is HERE. It has links to fun short (3-minute) videos about his platform: Budget, dogs, trees.

2.  Norman Yee. I met Norman at a West of Twin Peaks council meeting, and today found a newsletter from him in my driveway. He’s currently president of the School Board, but we didn’t get a chance to talk about what he stands for, but HERE is his website.

3. Andrew Bley. I met him at a Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association meeting. Again, I didn’t get a chance to talk about his platform. His website is HERE.

4. F.X. Crowley. I haven’t met him yet, but HERE is his website.

5. Michael Garcia, who also I haven’t met. Again, his website is HERE.

Pretty soon, as the campaigns kick off, I expect various Neighborhood associations will start having candidate presentations. I’ll report on any I attend. Meanwhile, please feel free to comment.

[Edited to Add (22 May 2012): In the last few days, I’ve met F.X. Crowley, Andrew Bley, and Michael Garcia.  I’ll be writing about them soon.]

2 thoughts on “We’re Still in District 7! Who’ll be our New Supe?”

  1. I look forward to meeting you. I attend most of the West of Twin Peaks Council meetings and many neighborhood association meetings. My wife, Nancy Hayden Crowley, and I led the charge to keep Lakeshore in District 7, attending several redistricting meetings and organizing a letter-writing campaign. I grew up in Miraloma Park, attended St. Finn Barr and St. Ignatius. My wife and my children attended St. Stephen and we are active members of St. Stephen Parish. We support many community organizations and I have been the leader of the stagehand employees for the last 15 years generating thousands of jobs for San Franciscans. I am also a member of the Port Commission and past president of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. No other District 7 candidate’s roots or ongoing commitment run as deep as mine. Let’s meet soon. F.X. Crowley email: fx@fxcrowley.com.

  2. Terrific website and blog!

    Thanks very much for such a local and personal breakdown of our district’s candidates. I’m one of them and I look forward to talking with all of you about issues that concern us within the District – and within the City as a whole. Please poke around my website and feel free to email me with questions, concerns, or even just to introduce yourselves if we haven’t yet met. Whether it’s at an upcoming community meeting or even over a cup of coffee, I’d love to discuss our wonderful corner of this great city with you.

    Cheers, Andrew

    email: ABley@AndrewBley.com
    Website: http://andrewbley.com/

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