“Summer” is Burglar Season

San Francisco is special; our summer begins in the Fall…

And there was a helpful reminder in the Park Station Police newsletter about securing our homes. I’m reproducing it here.

“Prevent Home Burglaries!

With our Indian summer upon us, the days and nights are warming up. People have the tendency to leave their windows open while at work during the day and overnight to keep their homes cool. Something to keep in mind is that burglars are aware of these trends, so it’s important to keep windows and doors locked at all times. Especially those located at the rear end of your homes; backyard-hopping is a common access point into homes and/or garages. It’s nice to be able to open your windows on a beautiful sunny day and sometimes we just forget to close them up. Take this opportunity to gather with your neighbors and form a Neighborhood Watch group. Working together and knowing your neighbors can help to prevent burglaries in your area. Get organized and become more aware of suspicious individuals and activities taking place. Call SF SAFE at (415) 673-SAFE to start your Neighborhood Watch group or for a Residential Security Assessment.  You can also email info@sfsafe.org.  Visit http://www.sfsafe.org for more information and safety tips.”

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