Solar Eclipse in San Francisco

It’s a paradox. Solar eclipses are much more rare than lunar eclipses, and so much more of an Event. Yet because the sun is so bright it could damage our eyes, we can’t really experience them directly, as we can eclipses of the moon. Instead, we have to seek the evidence in images and reflections.

Nevertheless, yesterday’s solar eclipse was exciting. The 84% maximum changed the quality of the light, and the leaf-shadows on the wall became attenuated crescents.  We watched the eclipse through pinhole images thrown on the wall.

Next time, I think I’m going to invest in the #14 Welders’ Glasses they recommend for eclipse-viewing. I want to actually look at a solar eclipse. Haven’t done that in years.

Edited to Add:


Mary Allen, who watched the eclipse from the Marina (see comment below), sent these photos.