PG&E Thieving Impostor, and Other Crimes

pg&e logo banditI’ve been hearing about PG&E impostors from other neighborhoods; now they’re hitting closer home. The Parks Station Police newsletter carried a report of a theft on 1th April in Midtown Terrace:

“1:30 PM Glenview & Burnett Theft of Credit Cards, Checks
“Suspect posed as a private contractor working for PG&E. Victim allowed him into her backyard where the suspect distracted the victim while an accomplice burglarized her home.”

So if someone says they’re from PG&E and they’ve come to help you – it probably makes sense to call the company. And not on the number the person gives, but the one from the phonebook or 411.


  • The newsletter reported a traffic collision (without any details about who collided with what, but a bicycle was involved):  9:12 AM Twin Peaks & Panorama,  Unsafe Speed for Bicyclist Conditions.
  • It also had 4 instances of thefts from cars in the Twin Peaks Parking lot   – all in the daytime, when presumably there would be people around, but it still happened. Also, lots from other areas including one inside a parking garage.
  • A bicycle was stolen from 100 Crestline, which is over on the other side of Twin Peaks – but just as a heads up to all the riders in our neighborhood. I feel like everyone I know who rides has had a bike stolen some time. Maybe we should microchip them. (The bikes, not the riders.)


Crime! in Forest Knolls?

I subscribe to the Park Station Police newsletter for our area, and glance through it quickly to check if there’s anything in our neighborhood. Usually, there’s nothing. This week, there were a few reports.

  • On October 14th, 4:20 AM at Crestmont & Christopher: Malicious Mischief,  “A vile vandal damaged the lock to the victim’s toolbox.”
  • On October 16th, 6.30 a.m at 400 Crestmont: Theft from a locked vehicle.

A bit of a crime-wave, but perhaps the news below takes care of it?