Forest Knolls Stairway Walk – Tony Holiday

One of the charms of our neighborhood are its stairways – or “lanes.” We’ve written about them before, HERE. Recently, hiker Tony Holiday who blogs at Stairways are Heaven posted  about a walk that started with Forest Knolls.  His photo essay is partially republished here with permission and minor edits.


San Francisco’s Mount Sutro has several stairways with over 100 steps. The Medical Center Way stairs that ascend from behind the hospital buildings on Parnassus total about 136. Farnsworth Lane: 149. Around on the south, east, and west sides, the Forest Knolls neighborhood has Ashwood (109 steps), Blairwood (337), Glenhaven (167), and the longest, Oakhurst Lane (353-ish).

It’s 17 steps down from Clarendon and a walkway to start.

17 steps down from Clarendon Avenue and a walkway to start

Ashwood climbs between homes and a school [Clarendon Elementary]…

Ashwood climbs between homes and a school

… and leads up to Warren in Forest Knolls.

Ashwood Lane up to Warren in Forest Knolls

That’s the school to the left.

Thats a school to the left

Nearing the top here…

Nearing the top

…Looking down from near the top of Ashwood.

Looking down from the top of Ashwood

The top of Ashwood Lane

At the top of Ashwood Lane, Glenhaven Lane, my next to-do stairway, necessitated a short walk to the east. Here’s Glenhaven in distance at the end of Oak Park Dr.

Glenhaven Lane in the distance at the end of Oak Park

Glenhaven starts upIt’s a garden by the steps.

stairway garden

Continuing up

Glenhaven gardensteps

Partway up Glenhaven Lane

Glenhaven climbs to Christopher & Crestmont.

Glenhave climbs to Christopher and Crestmont

Here’s Sutro Tower viewed from Glenhaven Lane.

Sutro Tower from Glenhaven

At the top of Glenhaven, I was planning to descend Blairwood Lane from its top at Crestmont.  However, before reaching this, I got distracted by the rough dirt trailhead from Christopher & Crestmont and went up into Sutro Forest .

[You can see the rest of Tony’s hike – and more photographs – on his blog, HERE.]

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