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Beautiful Hidden Garden Steps Mosaic

May 3, 2014

Three years ago, reporting on a meeting I attended, I mentioned the Hidden Garden Steps project. The other day, a friend told me it was done, and of course I wanted to see it. So off we went.

It starts at Lawton and 16th, next to a painted bench, and connects to Kirkham.  Here’s the first flight up, with a snail…

hidden garden steps 1Goes up to a golden California poppy …

hidden garden steps 2…(and notice that many of the flowers have names of donors on them?)

hidden garden steps 3More flowers, a dragon fly, and ferns…

hidden garden steps 4

hidden garden steps 5And lots more names!

If you want to see each flight of steps in more detail – and even read the names on them – there’s a website with photographs HERE.

And there are views – including one of my favorites, the beautiful Sutro Forest.

sutro forest and UCSF

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  1. June 9, 2014 4:20 pm

    Thanks a million for the wonderful write-up and photographs; hope you’re continuing to enjoy the Steps and members of the ever-growing community of supporters who are helping to maintain the site. Updates will continue to appear on the project website at and on the Friends of the Hidden Garden Steps blog (

    • webmaster permalink*
      June 9, 2014 7:19 pm

      Thanks for undertaking this project, Paul!


  1. Artistic New Mosaic Stairway for San Francisco – Tony Holiday | FOREST KNOLLS

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