This warning comes from the excellent Bernalwood neighborhood blog … but as more people are parking outside, I thought it’s something our neighborhood should also be aware of. I’m reblogging it here with permission from Bernalwood. (Thanks!)



Hypothetical scenario: You park your car on a Bernal Heights street with a shiny set of your house keys tucked beneath the visor or stashed in the glovebox.

Sound insane? Completely daft? Does that hypothetical scenario generate a visceral sense of foreboding and anxiety?

Good! It should! Because it’s totally nuts! After all, we all know that if someone broke into your car, they would also get your house keys. And once they have your your house keys, they can also rob your house. Obviously.

Yet that’s also why it’s a very bad idea to leave a remote garage door opener in your parked car. Neighbor Miranda writes:

I just want to have the people of Bernal know that my home on Gates and Powhattan was almost robbed this week.  The would-be thieves pried my roommates back window of his truck open and stole the garage door opener.  That is…

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  1. Better yet: Clean out your garage and park inside. Our streets are getting way too cluttered for a neighborhood in which every single house has a two car garage.

  2. This is something I’ve been paranoid about for some time. I also don’t leave it in the car when I’m parked out on the street *anywhere*. A thief might not know my address, but might conceivably be able to look it up from my car license plate (yes, those records are supposed to be protected, but you never know).

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