PG&E Impersonator Steals

pg&e logo banditSome time back, I’d written about PG&E impersonators wandering around and trying to get access to homes in Glen Park. At the time, no crimes had been committed (and apparently, impersonating a PG&E inspector is not a crime).

Now it has. There was a report on the Bernalwood blog:

Yesterday, there was a burglary/theft from a building on Nebraska at Cortland. A subject, posing as a PG&E employee, entered a home to “check the meter”. He let himself out when he was done and the resident’s laptop computer was missing. Per PG&E, the meters in the area of the theft digitally upload which eliminates the need for home visits. Please post this information on Bernalwood Blog and remind residents that if they are not expecting an employee from a utility company, don’t let them in without first calling the utility company to verify that an employee is in the area. Also, they don’t have to open the door, they can speak through the door. If someone tries to enter their home “checking meters” and leaves while the resident is calling PG&E, they should call the police.


Captain Tim Falvey

We haven’t had any reports like this in our neighborhood, but it probably makes sense to be reasonably cautious.

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