Free Neighborhood Emergency Response Training (NERT) October 2012

I got this message from Diane Rivera, NERT Advisory Board – Coordinator Chair (

October is here and we celebrate the anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, an important date for all citizens who live and work of San Francisco. As the Bay Area suffered extensive damage from this earthquake, the neighbors in the Marina district requested that the San Francisco Fire Department start a program to help people to be better prepared for just this type of an event. The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) was established soon after and active fire fighters continues to train individuals and families in all neighborhoods.  The NERT Teams will hold their semi-annual drill in the neighborhoods on October 20, 2012 as we bring continuing training to the NERT community in San Francisco.

The NERT training is a FREE, hands on, 20 hour training for all people who live and work in San Francisco. Our training allows individuals, their families, neighbors and friends to be resilient, to be ready for any emergency with confidence in their training if and when we will need to take care of ourselves and our families.

We bring three new training opportunities at this time and thank you for your support in helping us get the message out so the as many people as possible learn about this training.  Please add information to your calendar section!

So here they are:

1)  Potrero Hill:  St. Teresa Church, Connecticut @ 19th Street
Tuesdays 6:30PM – 9:30PM
October 9 : Class 1
October 16: Class 2
October 23: Class 3
October 30: Class 4
November 7, Weds:Class 5
November 13, Tues:Class 6

2)  San Francisco State University, 800 Font Blvd.
Two Day Intensive!
Tuesdays 8:30am-5:30PM
October 9: Class 1, 2, and 3 – (In the Conference Center)
October 16: Class 4, 5, and 6 (In the Tower Conference Center
Parking – Garage 20 on October 9th & October 16th.

3)  Personal Readiness Workshop
October 24
Wednesday, 6PM – 8PM
Intersection for the Arts,  925 Mission St. (near 5th St.) SF
Tell your family, friends, co-workers to come to this workshop to learn more about the NERT program.
** To enroll -Call 970-2024 or – and provide Name, Phone & Number.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lt. Erica Arteseros, Program Coordinator, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team at 415-970-2022 or email her at

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