Pedigree Dog Food Recall

Nola posted this alert on the neighborhood Yahoo Group, and I’m giving it a signal-boost because it could be important:
On Saturday, June 30, Mars Petcare announced the voluntary recall of some of its Pedigree canned dog food products due to a potential choking risk. Affected products may contain small pieces of blue plastic.
To learn which products are included, please visit the following link:

Pedigree Dog Food Recall

Please be sure to share the news of this alert with other pet owners.
Following the link, I found that it’s three “Weight Management” varieties of dog food.  They’re the following varieties and lot codes:
  • 2310034974  PEDIGREE +® Healthy Weight Premium Ground Entree in Meaty Juices
  • 2310001913  PEDIGREE® Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Beef & Liver Dinner in Meaty Juices
  • 2310023045  PEDIGREE®  Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Chicken & Rice Dinner in Meaty Juices

If  you’re giving your dog this product, you might want to follow the links for the details. It links to the website has an alert system to warn dog-owners who sign up with them about recalled dog foods.

Thanks, Nola!

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