Emergency Response Training via NERT

I got this note from the NERT co-ordinator for the Clarendon area. This is a really worthwhile program, and those who attend these classes do a favor not only to themselves and their families, but also are able to help people around them if there’s an earthquake.


Early last month, many of us got a very literal wake up call at about 5:30 in the morning, when a slippage on the Hayward fault jolted us awake. This month, we commemorate the 106th anniversary of the far more devastating quake that hit San Francisco on April 18, 1906. It is a good time to reflect on the fact that we need to be prepared. One of the best ways we can make ourselves ready to help ourselves, our families, and our neighbors in the event of a major quake or other disaster is to take advantage of the free training offered by the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program.

This training is offered at various locations throughout the city. This May, for those living in Forest Knolls, the Fire Department will provide NERT training just a few block away at 5th and Irving. For more information, see the attached flyer or visit the NERT website at www.sfgov.org/sfnert. You also can call the NERT office at 415-970-2022 to sign up for training or to get more information.

Here’s the flyer. Clicking on the image will take you to a larger version you can print out.

NERT flyer April 2012

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