Coffee and the 1%

I was out at Ocean Beach, recently, with one of our neighbors. It was a gray day, but fresh, and we walked down from the Beach Chalet to the Sutro Dunes “Natural” Area, and back.

She looked out at the beach.  “The last time I was here,” she said, “we were making a big sign saying TAX THE 1%. It was amazing.” She waved in the direction of the sea. “They took pictures from the air. There were hundreds of us.”

Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard about the event, so she sent me a couple of the pictures. “I’m in the T of ‘the’,”  she noted. The pictures are copyright, so I’m not publishing them here, but here’s a link. They’re pretty awesome. [ETA: They kindly gave permission, so here’s one picture. But do go to the link for more!)

There’s even a video on Youtube.  They estimate that over a thousand people showed up. Looks about right from the pictures.


At the Beach Chalet, we discovered something new: a gift shop that has coffee. And snacks like cookies and crackers and chips. It’s nice to have something handy to the beach. This is at ground level, perfect to drop in on after looking at the murals and the amazing carved balustrade of the staircase up to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it’s not noticeable at all from outside or even as you enter. It’s only because we were wandering around looking at the exhibits in this little museum that we spotted it.

“It would have been great to have this around that day,” she said. “After the Tax-the-1% event, we went looking for coffee. We had to walk quite a ways to find it.”

5 thoughts on “Coffee and the 1%”

  1. Feel free to publish on your blog any of the wonderful photos… That’s why we created them — for people to see…


    And keep your ear to the ground for the next beach event (probably October 13, 2012)…


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