Joining the Forest Knolls Yahoo Group

The Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization (FKNO) has sent out some useful flyers to all the neighbors. (FKNO is at, not — a cheap realty website, nor — which is the site you’re on now. Note the different extensions: org, com, and info.) In case you didn’t get them, or prefer to have things on line, we’re reproducing them here.

The first gave instructions on how to join the Forest Knolls Neighborhood Yahoo group. This  group, managed by Mary Allen, is  helpful for anyone living in the neighborhood… people send out heads-ups, share information, and occasionally post lost or found pet notices. We get recommendations for handymen and other service providers, as well as neighborhood safety information. I generally post a notice there when I have something new out here, too.

This is a free group. Anyone can join, though of course its greatest value is to people in the neighborhood. And, as groups go, it’s civilized.  I’ve seen groups where participants forget they’re in a public space, and start flame-wars or post overly personal information. This is not that kind of group.

So here’s the flyer. (Clicking on it twice will take you to a larger version.)

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