Laguna Honda Reservoir – Neighbors’ Meeting 3/2/2011

This notice was sent out by a neighbor’s group, calling a meeting on Wednesday March 2, 2011 to discuss the SFPUC’s plans for Laguna Honda Reservoir. (I’d posted about those plans here.)


Dear neighbors:

We have invited our fellow neighbors from Midtown Terrace and Forest Knolls to the Social Center this Wednesday for an urgent meeting regarding the PUC’s plans for Laguna Honda Reservoir.  The meeting is at 7:30 PM, this Wednesday, 3/2/11.

On 2/18/2011, the PUC filed a Categorical Exemption with the SF Office of Planning and SF County Clerk for the Laguna Honda Reservoir that, if upheld, will allow the PUC to move forward with their plans to install the 20 x 40 trailer next door to The Woods.

The deadline to appeal the Categorical Exemption is March 25th. If we don’t take action by then, this exemption is permanent.  Please attend to lend a voice and discuss how our neighborhood can work together to preserve this site and our property values.

We look forward to seeing you at the The Woods’ Social Center on Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

The Woods of San Francisco HOA


[Edited to Add:  I attended the meeting, led by Judy Clark of The Woods and Walter Kaplan of Forest Knolls Neighborhood Organization.  Well-organized and interesting. The website for the Friends of Laguna Honda Reservoir is here. They’re on Facebook here.]

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