Laguna Honda Lake vs PUC: Win?

The PUC’s gravel yard project we described yesterday is apparently on hold for now, and may be cancelled. Here’s an extract from an update we received from the PUC after the June 8 meeting at Clarendon School. (We subscribed to their blog.)

At the meeting, neighbors asked the SFPUC to verify the zoning for this property. While we do that, Kevin Barry, City Distribution Manager, promised that the SFPUC dive and operations staff will not pursue any further activities at the site.

We understand the neighbors have checked and found the Laguna Honda Reservoir is zoned as open space. Presumably, the PUC will have to change their plans. This is excellent news, particularly if the PUC now makes good on their initial commitment to restore the greenery that was removed when they created the staging area.

(We’re a little surprised that the Chronicle’s journalists did not investigate this for their article before stating that since it was PUC land, it was their plans that would count.)

7 thoughts on “Laguna Honda Lake vs PUC: Win?”

  1. Really? They go through all that trouble: create a mess, disturb the Open Space, fail to communicate with the residents and piss them off in the process – and they didn’t even check to see if the land is zoned for this use before they started?

    Where do we get these people – BP?

    Another fine example of our tax dollars going down the drain!

    What else can we do to ensure that they can’t move forward? Establish it as a Preservation District?

  2. Good coverage of these details. This is the type of stuff my buyer clients appreciate accessing. And thanks for the link to my blog!

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