Clarendon U-turns

They’re planning to prohibit U-turns on northbound Clarendon Ave x Oak Park on schooldays, for an hour each in the morning (9 -10 a.m.) and afternoon (3-4 p.m.).  This is apparently to prevent parents from making a U-turn on Clarendon to cut ahead of the other parents waiting in line to drop off or pick up their kids. The SFMTA hearing was on 19 February 2010. This will be updated when we know the outcome.

Update: Neighbor Laura Bloch sent a message to say, “It appears the U-turn hearing was postponed and the prohibition won’t be mandatory, just a suggestion/plea from the school to prevent accidents and injuries.  The plan is to have a sign there, but only during those two time periods (morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up).”

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