Great Horned Owls in the Forest

The first owl...

If you live near the forest, perhaps you’ve heard the soft hoots at dusk, or in the early morning. Soft, but a sound that carries. Those are our Great Horned Owls; they nest in Sutro Cloud Forest.

Recently, we were up in the forest at dusk, and along a trail, as the light faded, we saw them. First we noticed one on a branch high overhead. It saw us, looked down, and decided we were neither threatening nor edible. Then there was an almost noiseless flapping, and another owl settled into a tree on the other side of the trail.

... and its mate

We didn’t want to use a flash, of course; that would disturb the birds. But we got something of a picture without one.

2 thoughts on “Great Horned Owls in the Forest”

  1. We have heard them in the trees above Warren Dr as well. It is very exciting to spot them or to hear their hoots. Thanks for the great photos.

  2. You’re welcome. I researched it a bit, and apparently this is the start of the breeding season…if they’re successful, there may be young owls hatching mid-March, and out of their nest by end-April! (That’s when those of us who walk in the woods will need to be careful – the parents get very protective.)

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