West Portal Sighting

This little snippet from a neighbor who prefers to remain unnamed:

Was on my way to West Portal, a little local neighborhood shopping and dining area. Very sleepy and quaint normally. I ran into a huge amount of traffic, it was like midtown Manhattan at 6pm, WTH?

I crawled along, and lo and behold the Woody Allen film crew was there filming and Mr Allen was there too. He is a tiny little guy. He has been all over San Francisco filming here and there.

Love it when movies are made here, good income for SFO and people get to see my lovely City by the Bay.

Edited to Add: I went by there a day later, and the filming continued, across the street from the Valero station. I didn’t see Woody Allen, but there was a lot of activity with trucks and support people, and of course, onlookers.