San Francisco, Clouds and a Banner in the Sky

One of the wonderful things about our neighborhood, the counterbalance to the forested Mount Sutro on one side, is the view-platform of Twin Peaks on the other.

The other day, someone called me. “You have to go up to see the view,”  he said. “The air is clear and the clouds are dramatic.” So I went.

Here’s what it looked like. The view was sharp and the clouds were indeed dramatic. And the scene was enlivened by a small aircraft buzzing around, trailing a large red banner. I couldn’t read it as it waved through the sky like a giant flag. But I liked the effect against the backdrop of the clouds and I took a few shots with my pocket camera.

Later, when I downloaded the pictures, I figured out what it said: The all new Camry is here.

But even without the airplane and the banner, the view was amazing.

Just another gorgeous day in gorgeous San Francisco, to remind us that some of the most scenic places in the city are only minutes from our doorstep.

(I’m sticking with our not-so-new Camry.)