Sutro Tower Holiday Ornament

Red sutro tower holiday ornamentAt the Forest Knolls holiday party last month, Sutro Tower, Inc was one of the sponsors. They attended with some cool giveaways – including this cool red ornament with a picture of the Tower.

Someone posted a picture of it on our Forest Knolls Facebook page, and immediately people were asking where they could get one.

I wrote to Sutro Tower’s “information” email address. VP and General Manager Eric Dausman immediately responded and offered me some. I picked up a dozen, and have them available. (Two are spoken for already, ten left.)

If you live in Forest Knolls and want one, I’d be happy to drop it off at your place. If you live farther afield, we’ll need to make some arrangements. Email me at fk94131 at yahoo dot com either way.

Offer open, as they say, while stocks last.


3 thoughts on “Sutro Tower Holiday Ornament”

  1. Hello, We’d be interested in receiving an ornament if you still have any available. We live at 391 Oak Park Dr, SF. We couldn’t attend the Holiday party but enjoyed reading your account of it! Thank you for keeping us informed about goings-on in FK! Keep it up. Happy New a Year! May & Jim Sung

    [Webmaster: Done! And thanks for reading.]

  2. I would love an ornament 325 Christopher dr and my neighbor that lived at 311 christopher for 50 years but moved last year back to the Philippines would love one I can mail it to her if you can bring it to my house at 325 Christopher dr she is 90 and she loved her neighborhood and she would greatly appreciate it ,thank you so much for the offer

    [Webmaster: Done!]

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