Book Signing at Urban Bazaar: Nidhi Chanani, 29 June 2012

I received this heads up from Urban Bazaar, a charming little store on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset, just below Forest Knolls:

I wanted to let you know about another event we’re hosting at Urban Bazaar later this month. Local artist and Inner Sunset resident Nidhi Chanani will be putting on a 2 week art exhibit of some of her higher end art pieces at Urban Bazaar from June 23rd- July 8th, and we’re hosting a book signing with her and her new art print book on June 29th from 7:30-pm. Here’s the blurb:

San Francisco artist/illustrator Nidhi Chanani is taking the world by storm!

She recently won a “Champion of Change” award at the White House, and is publishing her second book of art prints in June. Urban Bazaar is one of only 2 locations where she’s holding a book signing event!

Come out to meet Nidhi, have her autograph your book or artwork, and check out some of her artwork that we don’t normally carry – wood burnings, framed prints, and more (which will be on display at Urban Bazaar from June 23rd- July 8th in a special exhibit).

There will be free refreshments, and we’ve heard tell of some kind of awesome giveaway for the first folks to purchase her book…!

Thanks,  Brandi

1371 9th Ave.
San Francisco 94122

I looked online, and found  Nidhi Chanani’s light-hearted and delightfulwork. The two pictures here are reproduced from her website. (The link to that is HERE.)

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