West Portal’s Arts & Crafts Fair: April 13-15, 2012

The West Portal Arts fair is this weekend. It’s a lovely place to pick up unique gifts, or buy jewelry or art or craft pieces directly from the people who make them. I love the atmosphere, and the variety.

(CLICK HERE for my report on last year’s fair.

And HERE’s my report from 2010, with a slideshow of pictures.)

I think there are some people who come back year after year. I also heard there’s a rug weaver who takes commissions…

Wishing them good weather this year too!

ETA: I dropped in on the fair this evening, just before it closed. The rug weaver was there, Xenon Hippolito, Master Weaver. The rugs are Zapotec, and they’re beautiful. Some are in neutrals, like beiges and browns; others are in saturated reds and oranges.

Everyone I spoke to said today had been good, and that augurs well for the weekend. Hope the weather holds!

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