Oops. Ouch. Crash. Careful on those slopes.

A neighbor had this posted on Facebook, and I’m publishing it here with permission. It happened in our neighborhood, a few days ago. Someone lost control of their car on a slope, hit a couple of parked vehicles, and flipped over.

The sound of it was horrible – I thought it was the next door construction site dropping the giant dumpster… then I started hearing all the sirens and walked out and saw that mess…

It’s a brand-new Subaru. It still has the yellow dealer’s plates. Hope everyone’s insured.

The best part? The driver was taken to hospital — and released the next day.

[ETA: I suppose I should add, please drive carefully on our neighborhood’s steep roads, people. Whether you live here or are visiting.]

[ETA 2: The neighbor who took this picture didn’t say exactly where it was, but sent an additional pictures along.]

[ETA 3: Okay, it was on the 1st block of Devonshire (see comments).]

Here are more pictures:

This was the first car hit:

And then the Subaru “drove up” this car, and overturned.

It attracted a lot of attention, official and otherwise.

And here’s a close-up.

5 thoughts on “Oops. Ouch. Crash. Careful on those slopes.”

  1. What was the actual street location where the accident took place? We have been trying for years to get a traffic bump on Warren Drive to slow down the speeders.

    Donna C

    1. Hi Donna, I’m not sure where precisely it is. I’ll leave it to the neighbor who took the original pic to respond either in comments (or to me by email and I’ll post it here).

  2. This is particularly scary for parents whose kids walk home from Clarendon School in our neighborhood (I know a few)… I hope these drivers slow down for the sake of kids who are harder to see.

  3. it was on the first block of devonshire. i think when he hit the van, he “drove up the side of it” and that’s how he flipped over.

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