Red-tailed Hawks in Forest Knolls

Mary Allen posted these two great pictures of red-tailed hawks on our neighborhood Yahoo Group. They’re reproduced here with her permission and her notes.
These were taken from my living room windows… south facing toward Laguna Honda Hospital. They like to rest at the top of the tree on Warren at the bottom of my hill. I have my camera set up ready to go and when I happen to see them, I quickly rush to open the window and click away before they fly off.
(Taken with a Nikon D5000 200 mm lens.)

One thought on “Red-tailed Hawks in Forest Knolls”

  1. I love these hawks. Your view of them and the pix are fantastic. I live below the tree they perch on and couldn’t tell if they were red tailed or red shouldered hawks. As a resident of Warren Drive, I look forward to hearing their chee, chee, chee calls to each other during the day. Thanks so much for sharing the pix.

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